The 2018 National AFTRR Meeting, held June 3-4, 2018 and hosted by Google Pittsburgh, was a great success.  Nonprofit refurbishers from 30 organizations representing all regions of the country attended the meeting that was held without registration fees and all meals covered through sponsorship.  Bud Rizer, CEO of the National Cristina Foundation and the Project Coordinator for AFTRR shared, “The first national AFTRR meeting in 2017 was all about defining AFTRR.  The 2018 was about refining AFTRR.”

Sessions included:

  • Future of AFTRR
  • Categories of AFTRR Membership
  • Type of Services provided by AFTRR Members
  • Corporate Donations
  • Google Ads
  • Apple Funding Opportunities
  • Facebook Strategies
  • Window Deployment Demo
  • Purchasing Power Through AFTRR Membership
  • Building a Strong Board of Directors
  • Integrating Nonprofit Refurbishing into the 3 legged Stool
  • How Can I Get Access to My State’s Computer Surplus?

Meeting evaluations again concluded that the primary strength of the national meeting is the opportunity to network with other AFTRR members, share ideas, learn from best practices and make invaluable ongoing connections with other nonprofit refurbishers throughout the country.

Initial planning discussions included the possibility of moving the meeting to the west coast next year.