Collaboration between like-minded organizations who share similar missions can help all involved reach for the stars. Nonprofit technology refurbishers (AFTRR members) can expand their reach and increase their impact by finding other nonprofits capable of bringing their own contributions to the table.  AFTRR members do not need to tackle the entire Digital Divide on their own.  The following story demonstrates how shared commitment to equip youth from high-need communities with technology thus creating new learning opportunities  is a perfect example of collaborative success.

Newark Kids Code, sponsored by The Urban League of Essex County NJ,  is an educational initiative designed to introduce technologically disadvantaged and underrepresented youth to programming, (or “coding”), and other computer and digital technologies.

National Cristina Foundation AFTRR members, Electronic Access Foundation and Laptop Upcycle, both of New Jersey, answered the call for assistance to populate a well thought-out project of teaching coding to the kids in Newark.

With the ongoing support of a large corporate donor of surplus technology,  The Electronic Access Foundation supplied the required equipment and Laptop Upcycle volunteers provided the testing and refurbishing support.

On October 6th The Electronic Access Foundation donated 40 Lenovo i5 processor laptops to National Cristina Foundation partner, the Urban League of Essex County, for their grand opening of the Newark Kids Code training rooms.  The Urban League secured the space and developed another collaboration with the New Jersey Institute of Technology to provide trainers and mentors to the young coding students. The equipment will help youth from impoverished backgrounds get a foothold on success through technology.

Amazing things happen when organizations work together. These nonprofits are collectively committed to the important work of using technology to empower communities and change lives.

Congratulations to all parties involved!  You have raised the bar high through your collaboration.